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Usages in Final Fantasy VII International

CategoryFF7 InternationalFF7 PSXFF7 PC (if different)Beacause TranslationBeacause Notes
Locations on the Field イルカの Dolphin Shores Dolphin's Shore [or Dolphin's Beach]
Locations on the Field 底魔晄炉への通路 Junon Path Passage to Mako Reactor Lit. Passage to Undersea Mako Reactor
Locations on the Field 流の村 ミディール Mideel Midhir Lit. Midhir - Village of Ocean Currents/Flow [Cut due to space, I've added the description to a NPC's dialogue]
Locations on the Field 亭1階 Shanghai Inn Shanghai Inn, 1F
Locations on the Field 亭2階 Shanghai Inn Shanghai Inn, 2F
Locations on the Field 底魔晄炉 Underwater Reactor Undersea Mako Reactor
Items 龍のウロコ Dragon Scales Dragon Scales Lit. Sea-Dragon Scales
Monsters 兵隊員 Marine Marine
Monsters 底警備兵 Underwater MP Undersea Guard
Materia and Magic Tidal Wave Ocean Impact Lit. Ocean Collision [The general idea is that the ocean is powerful]


Usages in Final Fantasy VII International

ChapterFF7 International ScriptFF7 PC English ScriptMissing TranslationNotes
9 - Kalm  に沈んでしまったとか何やら……」 and was sunk at sea…”
11 - Chocobo Farm を渡れるチョコボもいるらしいの。 There seems to be a Chocobo
11 - Chocobo Farm も山も川も渡れちゃったら If you could cross the ocean,
11 - Chocobo Farm を渡れるチョコボを生ませるには In order to get an Ocean Chocobo
11 - Chocobo Farm を渡れるチョコボが
11 - Chocobo Farm チョコボ』を生ませる実は The 'Nut' that produces
11 - Chocobo Farm これで『チョコボ』も an 'Ocean Chocobo'.
11 - Chocobo Farm 山、川、チョコボは Mountain, River, and Ocean Chocobos
12 - Mythril Mine &Fort Condor  ここをぞいに北へ、ずっと行ったところだ。 keep going a ways and
14 - Junon  をこえるつもりなのかな?」 crossing the ocean from here, too?”
14 - Junon  もう、を渡っちゃったってこと?」 already crossed the ocean?”
14 - Junon  岸だったって」 when they were small.”
14 - Junon  も汚れちゃって……」 and the water got polluted…”
14 - Junon のお守りなのよ “It's an amulet.
14 - Junon  底に長~いパイプを seein' the Shinra build
14 - Junon 底魔晄炉なら “The underwater reactor is
14 - Junon  底パイプを通っていけるはずじゃ」 “You should be able to get
14 - Junon  が汚れてしもうてな……フゥ」 It got so polluted…phew…”
14 - Junon  むかしのような…きれいなには」 …beautiful again.”
14 - Junon  サカナどころか、まで but the whole ocean will be destroyed…”
14 - Junon  多いと思ったらジュノン近 there's been a lot of Shinra ships recently.
14 - Junon  底魔晄炉】に行っているようなんじゃ」 I think they're going to
14 - Junon に入ってホイッスルを吹くと “Just go into the water, blow this whistle, and
14 - Junon から出ますか?」 “Get out of the water?”
14 - Junon  潜水監ドッグと底魔晄炉が is a {!}{Cyan}Submarine Dock{!}{White}
14 - Junon  そっちは、底魔晄炉!! That's the Underwater Reactor!!
14 - Junon  次はここの地下の底魔晄炉が the Underwater Reactor will be
14 - Junon 「俺たちは新たな大陸に向け、を渡る」 “We'll cross the ocean, to the new continent.”
14 - Junon  に沈む太陽を見てるんだ」 I always come here
14 - Junon 「大きな原につつまれるように “The sun disappears like it's
14 - Junon の男になってよかったなあ、と」 “I'm so glad I became a seaman.”
15 - Cargo Ship の男はガッツだ、ガッツ!」 “A seaman's gotta have umph!”
15 - Cargo Ship 「まあいいか、の男は “Oh well, seamen never bother
15 - Cargo Ship  の男のスーパードリンク 'Invisible Alpha'--
15 - Cargo Ship  の男がケチケチすんない!」 Seamen shouldn't be so stingy!”
16 - Costa Del Sol 「マリンブルーのの上、どこまでも続く Gives you the feeling like
16 - Costa Del Sol 「マリンブルーのの上、どこまでも続く “Sailing over the blue sea,
16 - Costa Del Sol でね。 “It's the ocean.
16 - Costa Del Sol  この街のが最高だったてことがさ」 when they're right in front of you.”
16 - Costa Del Sol 「コスタデルソルのの最高の波に “I still haven't surfed
16 - Costa Del Sol 「夜のにうつるメテオの姿は不気味だぜ~。 “It's weird seeing Meteor's reflection
16 - Costa Del Sol  から黒マントの男があがってきたの。 A man wearing a black cape
16 - Costa Del Sol の風と太陽。 “The sea, the wind and the sun.
16 - Costa Del Sol の風と太陽とメテオ。 “The sea breeze, sun and Meteor.
17 - Corel  残るはジュノンの底魔晄炉のみだな」 That's the one at the Underwater Reactor.”
17 - Corel 底魔晄炉に行くんでっか?」 “We headin' out to
17 - Corel 底魔晄炉に行くのか?」 “Are we going to
18 - Gold Saucer &Corel Prison 龍のウロコ』を手にいれた! Received "Dragon Scales"!
18 - Gold Saucer &Corel Prison     底魔晄炉戦 {Choice}Undersea Mako Reactor Battle
23 - Rocket Town & Cid 「上亭に、ようこそっす! “Welcome to the Shanghai Inn!”
23 - Rocket Town & Cid 「上亭に、ようこそっす! “Welcome to the Shanghai Inn!
23 - Rocket Town & Cid  底に沈んだ、というウワサですが……」 a monster and sunk to the bottom of the sea…”
23 - Rocket Town & Cid 「神羅は【ジュノンの底魔晄炉】 “Shinra's trying to gather the Huge Materia from
23 - Rocket Town & Cid  我々はを越えなくてはならないんだ。 But, we have to cross the ocean.
24 - Wutai  命の大より流れいで It flows from the large ocean of life,
24 - Wutai  また大へと帰るものなり」 and eventually it returns back to it.”
24 - Wutai  いずれ命の大へと and both must return to it.”
24 - Wutai 底パイプってとこに “You say there's some unusual Materia where
27 - Gold Saucer Post Date  に出て東】に進んでいけばありますわ」 {!}{Cyan}east towards the sea{!}{White},
29 - City Of The Ancients  ちょうどこの村と内をはさんで It's on the other side of
32 - Escape from Junon 「……ウップ……でも空でも “…Urk…I get sick on ships
32 - Escape from Junon 「そのライフストリームが底スレスレを “The Lifestream sometimes gushes
32 - Escape from Junon  ずーっと 【南のにうかぶ島】 が…… {!}{Cyan}An island in the Southern Sea{!}{White}…
32 - Escape from Junon 「ずーっと 【南の】  “In the {!}{Cyan}Southern Seas{!}{White} I think
33 - Mideel I 流の村 ミディール Mideel Midhir "Midhir - Village of Ocean Currents/Flow", cut due to space.
33 - Mideel I 「最近どうもがさわがしいんじゃ。 “Lately the sea's been in a tizzy.
33 - Mideel I  底であばれとるんじゃろうて」 at the bottom of the ocean.”
33 - Mideel I  岸にうちあげられた…… since he washed up here on the shore…
33 - Mideel I 「ああ……この先の岸で “Yeah…a villager found him
33 - Mideel I 流の村 ミディール Mideel Interestingly, Vincent has no lines here.
34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat.  残るはジュノンの底魔晄炉のみだな」 The last one left is
34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat. 底魔晄炉に行くんでっか?」 “Are we heading out to
34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat. 底魔晄炉に行くのか?」 “Are we going to
34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat.  あとはジュノンの底魔晄炉のみ、ってか?」 The only one left is
34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat.  あとはジュノンの底魔晄炉のみ、ってか?」 that Shinra's after's in the
35 - Mideel II and Lifestream 流の村 ミディール Mideel Midhir "Midhir - Village of Ocean Currents/Flow". Cut due to space.
36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves もわたれるチョコボも “There's one that
36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves  を渡れるチョコボはのぉ」 To get an Ocean-crossing Chocobo, you just…”
36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves  を渡れるチョコボはのぉ」 The Ocean-crossing Chocobo is…”
36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves を渡れるチョコボが [JP-exclusive Text Page] A chocobo that can cross
36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves 岸」デプレイヤーの乗り降りができます。
37 - Underwater Reactor イルカの Dolphin Shores Dolphin's Shore/Beach
37 - Underwater Reactor 「とうとう、ここジュノン底魔晄炉】 “They've finally started collecting
37 - Underwater Reactor 「今、神羅軍は、ここ、ジュノン底魔晄炉の “The Shinra's collecting Huge Materia
37 - Underwater Reactor 底魔晄炉への通路 Junon Path Passage to Mako Reactor "Passage to Undersea Mako Reactor" but cut due to space
37 - Underwater Reactor  ジュノン軍の重要機密」 About Junon Navy's important
37 - Underwater Reactor  底魔晄炉の見張りはたいくつだよ」 Keeping watch is so boring
37 - Underwater Reactor  潜水監ドッグと底魔晄炉が is a {!}{Cyan}Submarine Dock{!}{White}{EOL}
37 - Underwater Reactor  そっちは、底魔晄炉!! That's the Underwater Reactor!!{EOL}
37 - Underwater Reactor  次はここの地下の底魔晄炉が the Underwater Reactor will be {EOL}
37 - Underwater Reactor 底魔晄炉へおこしのお客様は “Those of you visiting the Underwater Reactor,
37 - Underwater Reactor 底魔晄炉への通路 Junon Path Passage to Mako Reactor "Passage to Undersea Mako Reactor" but cut due to space.
37 - Underwater Reactor 底魔晄炉への通路 Junon Path Passage to Mako Reactor "Passage to Undersea Mako Reactor" but cut due to space.
37 - Underwater Reactor  もうの中だよ」
37 - Underwater Reactor  ここの底なのよ!」 We're at the bottom of the sea!!”
37 - Underwater Reactor 「ここは深だぞ」 “We're at the bottom of the sea.”
37 - Underwater Reactor  現在、ジュノン底には、ヒュージマテリアを積んだ Presently on the ocean floor near Junon,
37 - Underwater Reactor  神羅軍潜水監隊が潜行している模様。 Huge Materia is being escorted
37 - Underwater Reactor  また、底には機雷が多数 by covert Shinra Submarine Units.
37 - Underwater Reactor  底の様子は、神羅特製ソナーレーダー画面を several mines have been dispersed
37 - Underwater Reactor  CONFLICT底に衝突(バックまたは転回せよ) CONFLICT…Collision with the ocean floor!
37 - Underwater Reactor  底に沈んだはずだ。 of the sea by now.
37 - Underwater Reactor 底のヒュージマテリアは “Forget about the Huge Materia for now.”
37 - Underwater Reactor から空か… “First the ocean, now the air…
37 - Underwater Reactor  の底に沈んでしまった」 by Weapon and sunk to
38 - Rocket Town II and Space  【ジュノン】底魔晄炉】ってありますのや」 {!}{Cyan}Junon{!}{White} has an {!}{Cyan}Underwater Reactor{!}{White}.”
38 - Rocket Town II and Space 「脱出ポッドでをプカプカ “I been thinkin' even when we were floatin'
38 - Rocket Town II and Space  宇宙……星…… About the universe…planet…ocean.”
39 - Bugenhagen, Ancients II  そうか、のそこか!」 Right, it must be underwater!”
39 - Bugenhagen, Ancients II のそこ? “Underwater?
39 - Bugenhagen, Ancients II 「ウェポンがから出てきて “Weapon came out of the sea and
40 - Return To Midgar, Disc 3  ライフストリームの意識のから consciousness in the Lifestream.”
45 - Debug Rooms     ジャイロ jairo sea
45 - Debug Rooms     底魔晄炉ミッション {CHOICE}MakoUnderTheSea
45 - Debug Rooms 神風地獄火炎裁雷大怒斬鉄剣衝聖
45 - Debug Rooms     流の村 ミディールへ!     To Mideel by the sea!
46 - Miscellaneous 底魔晄炉 Underwater Reactor
46 - Miscellaneous 亭1階 Shanghai Inn 1st floor RKTINN1
46 - Miscellaneous 亭2階 Shanghai Inn 2nd floor RKTINN2